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If you’re a musician or aspire to become one, you’ve probably heard of the song “Bagaimana Mestinya” by Ari Lasso. The song has a beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics that make it a favorite among many music enthusiasts. One of the things that make this song stand out is the chord progression used. In this article, we will explore the chord progression of “Bagaimana Mestinya” in detail.

What are Chords?


Chords are a fundamental aspect of music. They are made up of three or more different notes played at the same time. The notes that make up a chord are usually played on different strings of a guitar or different keys of a piano. Chords are used in various genres of music and are an essential part of writing and playing songs.

The Chords Used in “Bagaimana Mestinya”

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The chords used in “Bagaimana Mestinya” are A minor, F major, C major, and G major. These chords are played in a specific order throughout the song, which is known as the chord progression. The chord progression used in “Bagaimana Mestinya” is Am, F, C, G. This progression is repeated throughout the entire song, giving it a consistent and catchy rhythm.

How to Play the Chords

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If you want to play “Bagaimana Mestinya” on a guitar or piano, you need to know how to play the chords used in the song. Here are the chord shapes for each chord:

  • Am:x02210
  • F:133211
  • C:x32010
  • G:320003
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Once you’ve learned the chord shapes, you can start playing the chord progression in the song. The chord progression is Am, F, C, G, and you should repeat this progression throughout the entire song.

Why is the Chord Progression in “Bagaimana Mestinya” so Popular?

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The chord progression used in “Bagaimana Mestinya” is not only catchy but also very common in various genres of music. The progression is known as the I-IV-V-vi progression, which means that the chords used are the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth chords of a major scale. This progression is used in many other popular songs, such as “Let It Be” by The Beatles and “Someone Like You” by Adele.


“Bagaimana Mestinya” by Ari Lasso is a beautiful song that has a catchy rhythm and meaningful lyrics. The chord progression used in the song is Am, F, C, G, which is a popular and common progression used in many other songs. If you want to play the song, you need to learn how to play these chords on a guitar or piano. With practice, you’ll be able to play the song smoothly and enjoy the beautiful melody that it offers.

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