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Have you ever heard of the term “Bagaimana Pendapat”? It is a common phrase used in Indonesian language that translates to “what is your opinion?” or “what do you think?” in English. This phrase is often used in everyday conversations, social media, and online forums. In this article, we will explore the importance of “Bagaimana Pendapat” in Indonesian culture and how it can be used to improve communication and decision-making.

The Importance of “Bagaimana Pendapat” in Indonesian Culture

In Indonesian culture, the opinions of others are highly valued and respected. The concept of “gotong royong”, which means working together for the common good, is deeply ingrained in the culture. This means that decisions are often made based on a consensus of opinions rather than individual preferences. Therefore, asking for someone’s opinion is seen as a way to show respect and consideration for their thoughts and feelings.

Furthermore, Indonesians tend to be indirect in their communication style. They often use polite language and avoid confrontation or disagreement. Asking for someone’s opinion is a way to gauge their thoughts and feelings without causing offense or discomfort. It also provides an opportunity for the other person to express themselves in a non-threatening manner.

How “Bagaimana Pendapat” Can Improve Communication

Asking for someone’s opinion can help to improve communication in various ways. First, it encourages active listening and engagement. When you ask for someone’s opinion, you are showing that you value their input and are willing to consider their perspective. This can help to create a more inclusive and collaborative atmosphere where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard and respected.

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Additionally, asking for someone’s opinion can help to clarify misunderstandings or assumptions. It can be easy to make assumptions about someone’s thoughts or feelings based on their behavior or actions. However, by asking for their opinion, you can gain a better understanding of their perspective and avoid miscommunication.

Using “Bagaimana Pendapat” for Decision-Making

Another important use of “Bagaimana Pendapat” is for decision-making. In Indonesia, decisions are often made based on a consensus of opinions rather than individual preferences. This means that everyone’s input is taken into consideration before a final decision is made.

Using “Bagaimana Pendapat” for decision-making can help to create a more democratic and inclusive process. It allows everyone to have a say in the decision and ensures that all perspectives are considered. This can lead to better decision-making and increased buy-in from all parties involved.


In conclusion, “Bagaimana Pendapat” is an important concept in Indonesian culture that emphasizes the value of opinions and collaboration. By asking for someone’s opinion, you can improve communication, clarify misunderstandings, and make better decisions. So the next time you are in a conversation or meeting with Indonesians, don’t forget to ask “Bagaimana Pendapat?”

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