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Folk poems are a rich aspect of many cultures around the world. They are often passed down through generations and provide a glimpse into the lives, beliefs, and struggles of past societies. Each folk poem is unique, but they all share a common feature – a message. Understanding the message of a folk poem is crucial in comprehending the poem’s value and significance. In this article, we will explore how to interpret the message of folk poems.

1. Understand the Historical Context

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The historical context in which a folk poem was created is essential to understanding its message. Folk poems often reflect the social, cultural, and political conditions of their time. By studying the historical context, we can gain a deeper understanding of the poem’s message and significance.

2. Analyze the Language and Imagery

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Folk poems are known for their poetic language and vivid imagery. These elements are essential to conveying the poem’s message. By analyzing the language and imagery, we can gain insight into the poet’s intentions and message.

3. Identify the Theme

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Folk poems often revolve around a central theme. Identifying the theme is crucial in understanding the poem’s message. Themes can range from love and loss to courage and resilience. By identifying the theme, we can begin to unravel the poem’s deeper meaning.

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4. Consider the Audience

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Folk poems are often created for a specific audience. Understanding the intended audience can provide insight into the poem’s message. For example, a poem created for children may have a different message than a poem created for adults.

5. Interpret the Symbolism

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Symbolism is a common feature of folk poems. Symbols can represent ideas, emotions, or concepts. By interpreting the symbolism, we can gain a deeper understanding of the poem’s message.

6. Analyze the Structure

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The structure of a folk poem can provide insight into the poem’s message. For example, a poem with a repeating pattern may emphasize a particular message or theme. Analyzing the structure can provide clues to the poet’s intentions and message.

7. Compare and Contrast

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Comparing and contrasting folk poems can provide insight into their message. By comparing and contrasting poems from the same culture or time period, we can begin to see patterns and themes that are common in that society.

8. Consult Expert Analysis

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If you are struggling to interpret the message of a folk poem, consider consulting expert analysis. There are many scholars and experts in the field of folk poetry who can provide valuable insights into the poem’s message.


In conclusion, understanding the message of a folk poem requires careful analysis of its historical context, language, imagery, theme, audience, symbolism, and structure. Folk poems provide a unique insight into the values, beliefs, and struggles of past societies. By interpreting their message, we can gain a deeper appreciation for their significance and relevance today.

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